Walnut Oil

Walnut Oil
  • Description

    Name: Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil

    Scientific Name: Juglans  regia

    German Name: Walnuss

    French Name: Noyer


    Active Ingredients:

    • Palmitic Acid7-8
    • Stearic Acid1.8-2.2
    • Oleic Acid17-19
    • Linoleic Acid 56-60

    Walnut tree is monoecious with compound leaves whose staminate flowers are hung and pistilate flowers are placed erectly. Different parts of walnut are endowed with pharmaceutical consumptions, but for preparing walnut oil only its seed is used.

    The color of Walnut oil is light yellow tending to green and its taste is light and pleased. One of the disadvantages of this oil is that it becomes highly oxidated easily.


    Industrial Use

    • Health and beauty industries
    • Massage therapy
    • Edible oil and suitable for cooking


    Therapeutic Properties

    • Relieving sciatica pain
    • The excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
    • Rich in phytonutrients and an excellent source of selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium
    • The supplier of large amounts of vitamins B (B1, B2, B3), vitamin E and niacin
    • Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease
    • A strong Antioxidant
    • Helping the control of proliferation of malignant tumor and antibacterial effects
    • Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antiseptic

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