Our History
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Our History

 Tabib Daru Company was established in 2004 by Engineer Alireza Mazaheri in Dezful with the aim of producing plant raw materials and in order to quick access to tropical plants such as eucalyptus, myrtle, mint, etc. and producing the natural essential oils and plant waters. And at the same time with the establishment of its head office in Kashan, started to offer its products inside and outside of the country. Due to his interest in rose and its products, in Kashan, as the origin of this plant, he produced the rose essential oil, rose water and exported them to European countries including Bulgaria, Turkey and East Asia (China) and then in 2018, by launching a Cohobation machine in Kerman and then Kashan, it started to produce organic rose essential oil.

Due to the importance of rose and lavender in the world, by transferring rose cuttings from Iran and lavender cuttings from Bulgaria to Tajikistan in Dushanbe city, he set up a large field of rose and lavender and thus established a Tajik Tabib Company. It was set up and then, by transferring equipment from Iran and Europe to Tajikistan, began to establish a production unit for drying organic flowers in the form of buds, opened flowers and petals, and the rose and lavender essential oils. Since 2018, the research and development unit of the company has designed and researched on pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in its specialized laboratories, and after designing eleven herbal medicinal products and more than ten cosmetic products with the approach of medicinal plants of Tabib Daru Company. He established Kashan TabibDaru, and at present, Kashan Tabib Daru, Dez Tabib Daru and Tajik Tabib Daru, a subsidiary of Bikaran Kalaye Hirad Holding Company, are engaged in their specialized activities.

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