Quality Control Department
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Quality Control Department

Quality control is a set of processes with the subject of confirming or rejecting the quality of provided product or service with national and international Qualitative & Quantitative specifications.

The quality control Department of Tabib Daru Company, using the power of its experts, has taken effective steps in this direction by closely monitoring the production and purchase of herbal raw materials and final products.  Because "Quality" & "Honesty” are two important and fundamental principles in our work.

 In this section, we will briefly explain two of them:

This Department is equipped with phytochemical, analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratories that have the ability to perform a series of specific tests.

Laboratory Equipment

1- Rotary Shaker

2- Tube Shaker

3- Scales (Two Zeros, Three Zeros and Four Zeros)

4- pH Meter

5- Microscope

6- Water bath (Ben Marie)

7- Refrigerated Incubator

8- Ordinary Incubator

9- Oven

10- Laboratory Refrigerator

11- Chiller

12- Laboratory Distillation Machine

13- Pasteurizer

14- Chemical Hood

15- Microbial Hood Class(II)

16- Autoclave

17- GC-MS

18- UV Visible Spectrophotometer

And other common quality control laboratory’s equipment

Specialized exams:

1- Determining the profile of plant essential oils by GC-MS.

2- Measuring the percentage of essential oil, acid value, density and pH of rose water and herbal essential oils.

3- Determining the percentage of essential oils of medicinal plants.

4- Performing the microbial tests on samples of plant waters, rose waters and other herbal products.

5- Measurement of benzene and toluene in samples of herbal essential oils.

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