Research and Development
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Research and Development

In order to develop the basic-applied research and production of health products, R & D department of Tabib Daru Company started its activities in 2014 by presenting the practical ideas according to modern scientific knowledge and the manuscripts of its predecessors in Traditional medicines. The main parts of its activities are the design, implementation and production of pharmaceutical, cosmetic formulations based on technical knowledge, national and international specific tests and clinical trials. This department intends to become one of the leading pharmaceutical industrial companies in a short time by specialized equipment, technical and efficient staffs. This center tries to take effective steps in the development of medicine by searching and reviewing the latest scientific information, along with the information obtained from scientific and academic centers, consulting with prominent university professors, and also by recognizing the needs and problems. Also this center tries to solve the health problems and meet the educational and research needs of the scientific community by publishing the scientific-research articles based on the results of various research and product-oriented projects in prestigious Journals. To achieve this goal, it has attracted scientific and industrials specialists from various fields, including basic sciences, pharmacy, technology and engineering, new technologies especially biotechnology. 

R & D of company has designed and produced the herbal formulations and cosmetic products by using its various departments of Agricultural, Phytochemistry, Analytical, Microbiology, Clinical research and Toxicological researches.


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