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Quality Control
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    Quality Control

    The concept of Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to match a manufactured product or performed service with a defined set of quality criteria. It deals with testing products to recognize and uncover their defects and also reporting them to the management who makes the decision about releasing or modifying products as well as regarding purchasing or returning product samples.

    Statistics theories play an important role in QC. In Tabib Daru Company, QC is performed in different steps of the production and release process of products by some proficient experts. The responsibility of this unit is careful observation on the purchase of raw materials, the product production, final product achievement and storing conditions of them in the storage.

    The analysis of the results is done in order to achieve all desirable features for products. The instruments used in the QC unit of the company are Gas Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Refractometer, Polarimeter and so on. In order to deliver essential oils, oils and whatever we deliver as raw materials to herbal medicine, cosmetics, health and food companies as completely pure and endowed with the active ingredients, expert personnel and modern instruments in the laboratory of Tabib Daru Company are employed, since “quality” and “honesty” are two important and underlying principles that we observe for doing our activities.

    Gas Chromatography (GC) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) are two very important analytical instruments used in equipped laboratories working in the field of analytical chemistry in the world. They are employed for separating and analyzing compounds. In other words, they are applied for the separation, identification and quantification of components of a mixture.

    These two instruments provide powerful laboratory techniques for analyses; therefore, by using them we can separate forming components of essential oils, herbal oils and so on, test the purity of particular substances in them as well as determine the percentage of their active ingredients carefully and surely in our laboratory.

    To observe due care, we need both of them, because GC is specially suited for analyzing  compounds that are volatile, thermally stable and have low molecular weights. In contrast, HPLC is employed for compounds which are not easily volatilized, thermally unstable and have high molecular weights.

    Research and Development Center

    Generally, Research and Development (R&D) activities are conducted by specialized units or centers of a company. New product design and development is considered as a very important factor in the survival of a company. In the industries that are changing fast, firms must continually revise their design and the variety of products. Continuous technology change and development as well as the presence of competitors and customers’ changing preferences make it necessary to do the revision.

    Although performing R&D activities is expensive, Tabib Daru Company considers it as an investment; since the performance of the companies which are based on R&D is much better than that of the ones which continue their activities while ignoring this important issue.

    Tabib Daru company has employed professional and experienced experts in this center to produce the most up-to-date and qualified products.

    Agriculture Unit

    Tabib Daru Industry Company has an area of 50 hectares of agricultural land in Kashan, 100 hectares in the city of Dezful and 80 hectares in Tajikistan, which is engaged in cultivation, production and processing of medicinal plants in them. For years, it has also encouraged farmers and agricultural graduates to cultivate medicinal plants and with necessary support.

    Finance Unit

    The financial unit, which itself includes the accounting unit, plays a very important role in the sustainability of any organization or company; observing the principle of "precision" has significant influence on the attainment of satisfaction with the performance of this unit. Educated, expert and precise personnel with their effort in financial field of this unit in Tabib Daru Company perform their duties well. The main activities of the mentioned unit can be as the following:

    • Financial monitoring on the various costs which is spent for the units, in terms of compliance with the Regulations and General Rules and Guidelines
    • Daily costs registration and financial operations in accounting books and reviewing, adjusting and maintaining accounts as well as separating the costs based on the cost centers
    • The payment of salary and benefits, overtime and extra missions and other personnel costs
    •  The preparation and arrangement of monthly management reports related to sales, inventory and profit and the loss of the company products
    •  Communicating and responding to other people, including auditors, shareholders, suppliers, products, banks, finance, insurance, etc.
    • The preparation of a comprehensive budget at the beginning of every year and cash budget at the beginning of each month
    •  The preparation of financial statements and finished cost of products at the end of every financial year


    Human Resource Unit

    Duties and responsibilities of human resources unit are divided into both the general and specific duties: Specific duties include finding forces and recruitment and selection, measures related to transfer of personnel and providing staff welfare, measures related to discipline and complaints, creation and respect for law and order in work place and designing the human proper systems, salaries and wages, etc. General steps of the mentioned unit include planning, organizing, directing and supervising all administrative and personnel affairs, etc.


    Planning Unit

    Planning Unit of Tabib Daru Company has experienced personnel that after receiving the annual, monthly and sectional orders from the sales unit, according to specified priority, raw materials and production capacity, regulate production schedule and prepare the desired product as soon as possible and after verification of the quality control unit give them to the sales unit.

    According to the type of manufacturing product and product capacity, custom programming is carried out and is tried to prepare the customer's requirements as soon as possible.

    The Tabib Daru Company with respect to the type of product has a variety of warehouse, such as:  raw materials warehouse, plant warehouse, secondary materials warehouse, requirements warehouse, product warehouse and wastes warehouse and requires informed management and compassionate and obedient personnel due to sensitivity about the maintenance of manufacturing product and raw material.

    All incoming and outgoing items are registered in card index system of warehouse and are preserved and maintained based on the new methods of storage. Warehousing system is based on FIFO and its storage is in accordance with ISO guidelines and it has tables and shipment and layout methods.

    Purchase Unit

    Logistics unit of Tabib Daru Company enjoys specialists in market studies and identification of the country's natural resources that is active in purchase of materials, including dry and wet plants, plants seeds, plants roots, organic essences and oilseeds.

    This unit to purchase raw materials initially asks for a sample of the load, if verified by the quality control unit, it is sent to the company. If this load is the same assent sample in terms of quality, necessary measures would be carried out to purchase desired load. It is noteworthy that this unit always tries to purchase required ingredients of the Company directly from the manufacturers (without middleman).


    Foreign Trade Unit

    This trade unit has personnel who are fluent in English language and some of their activities are as follows:

    •  Compiling and updating catalog in accordance with export standards
    • Identifying the type of consumer (export destination) based on the type of products and market study
    • Required studying regarding acceptable trade and commerce culture of export destination
    • Principled correspondence with export purposes
    • Necessary follow-up after correspondence through phone call, social networks or appointment
    •  Participation in international exhibitions
    • Transportation management in international business
    • Management in payment systems of foreign currency and opening letters of credits
    • Management in customs affairs of goods and import and export services

    Site Unit

    Web sites provide fantastic and unprecedented marketing opportunity and they are the best tool for introduction of companies and their products.

    Since Tabib Daru Company has high activity in the field of export, the Company site has been defined in three languages: Persian language for domestic visitors, English as an international language and for visitors from around the world and also Arabic. The head of site unit in Tabib Daru Company having panel management expertise of the site and proficiency in English language are responsible for doing activities such as updating the site information, its settings as well as their translation.

    Sales Unit

    Regarding the mission of Tabib Daru Company in producing completely natural herbal products and very suitable potential and capacity, the necessity of a strong sales unit with the right properties have been tangible, therefore the senior management of the organization with the same approach organizes sales unit and Tabib Daru Company has tried to enjoy experienced and knowledgeable people in this field.

    This unit has activities in the fields of market researches, marketing and sales and while constructive interaction with interested customers and companies as well as active participation in exhibitions and conferences tries to provide services, products and its technical knowledge.

    Production Unit

    Production unit of Tabib Daru Industry Company includes essence production units, rosewater and herbal extracts, oil using cold-press method and packaging of rosewater and herbal extracts. The team of Company production having expert and experienced personnel and also enjoying update facilities try to produce high quality products and by following the pharmaceutical and food principles and standards to improve the quality and quantity levels of their product attempt to provide both the raw materials for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies and also supply a large portion of dear Iranian needs.

    Net Unit

    The most important task of net unit in every team is self-control for timely service of equipment to prevent a sudden malfunction of them which can cause disorder in productive activities process. The team of Company net using experienced workforces and careful planning and in cooperation with executive units of the Company, in addition to perform this important act, necessary trainings are also provided to production personnel for proper function of the equipment and technical personnel after receiving work requests from units quickly take actions towards the correction of defects and also apply necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Net team of Tabib Daru Company includes the following sections:

    • Section of Company's mechanical repairs of manufacturing machinery and cars (forklifts, tractors and backhoe excavators)

    •The section of Installations including energy supply in production and administrative section

    • The section of Electrical repairs, Network and Telecom

    • The implementation of creation projects including the constructional and equipment ones

    (Information Technology (IT

    The unit of information and management systems in Tabib Daru Company has been created with the aim of establishing facilities, managing information flow, effective and efficient information groundwork. IT unit enjoying experienced personnel manages all activities of the network, hardware and software of the team that thema in accomplished activities and those which are in progress by this unit can be as follows:

    - Allocating and setting up specialized rooms (Server Room) enjoying professional servers for financial and administrative automation systems, etc. in order to provide relevant services to organizational units.

    • Establishing the security and managing the company servers using central antivirus and security tools
    • Hardware and software support of about 50 computers and other equipment such as printers, scanners, servers and network equipment
    • Promoting the level of personnel training in the field of IT and used software
    • Optimizing speed and use of the Internet through the creation of appropriate bandwidth in order to connect to the Internet and creating central Wifi of the Company
    •  Setting up and using administrative automation systems, secretariat, operational launch of integrated systems including salaries and wages, human resources, transportation, accounting, warehouse, production, etc

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