About the Managing Director

About the Managing Director
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    About the Managing Director


    The managing director of Tabib Daru Company is Ali Reza Mazaheri. He He has Bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering and Master’s degree in International Commerce. Some of his important measures are as the following:

    1) The managing director of Golkaran Agro Industry Company for six years

    2) One member of founder board of Atran Daroo Company in Esfahan working in the field of processing pharmaceutical herbs

    3) Founding Golkaran Agro Industry Company in Dezfool working in the field of pharmaceutical herbs.

    4) Founding Tajik Golkaran Agro Industry Company in Tajikastan working in the field of the production of pharmaceutical herbs like red rose, lavender and so on.

    5) Counseling in different industries such as essential oil extraction, the production of dried pharmaceutical herbs and vegetables, the growth and cultivation of pharmaceutical herbs, the production of edible and pharmaceutical cold-pressed oils and so on.

    6) Doing exports of some products such as Galbanum essential oil and gum, Rose essential oil, tarragon essential oil, rose water, cumin essential oil and dried rose buds, saffron and so on to other courtiers such as Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey and so on.

    In general, his activities in the field of the cultivation of pharmaceutical and herbs and other related industries for several years in different cities are still continuing. 

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