Bitter Almond Oil

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Bitter Almond Oil
  • Description

     Name: Cold-Pressed Bitter Almond Oil

    Scientific Name: Amygdalus communis

    German Name: Bittermandel

    French Name: Amandier


    Active Ingredients: 

    • Palmitic Acid4-9
    • Stearic Acid2-5 
    • Oleic Acid62-86
    • Linoleic Acid20-30

    This is a tree with the height of between 5 and 8 meters having simple, single andacute. Its flowers are pink or light rosy. The color of its fruit is green and pilose when it is fresh, but, gradually turns into hard coat which covers almond.

    Bitter almond oil is extracted from its seed by press-oils machines. In Golkaran Agro Industry Company, the oil of bitter almond seeds is extracted by cold-pressed machines. The mentioned oil is fluent and light yellow.


    Industrial Use

    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Health and beauty industries
    • Massage therapy
    • Edible oil and suitable for cooking


    Therapeutic Properties

    • Treating acnes
    • Full of vitamins E and D
    • Treating skin dryness and wrinkles
    • Useful for trichopathy
    • Helpful for healing foot crack

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