Rose Water
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Rose Water

Organic Rose Water of iran, in kashan

Rose water contains a number of antioxidants including flavonoids and anthocyanins. You can read some benefits of drinking rose water below:

Drinking two cups a day is said to provide these benefits:

Lowers stress and anxiety. ...

Tons of vitamins. ...

Antioxidants which help with aging skin (like dark spots and wrinkles) and even shrinking pores.

Helps with digestion and constipation. ...

Keeps respiratory issues in check. ...

Decreases bloating. ...

Increases mood.

It has anti-inflammatory qualities. A study published in the Spring 2010 edition of the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research found that it could be used to relieve external inflammatory pain.

Rose water eliminates sadness: smelling the rose water and pouring it over the head and face makes us relax, so in some Asian countries, the rose water is used in the mourning ceremonies much of the water used. Release of ''endorphins'' in the brain lets humans feel relief and calm

Rose water is useful to relieve headache. The best way is to apply cold compress of rose water for about 45 minutes.

It’s a mood enhancer and can be calming to the nerves. A study published in the November 2006 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology found that rose extract calmed the central nervous system in rats.

Rose water is useful to relieve depression and boost heart, brain, eyes, skin, and it is also effective on treatment of epilepsy.

Teeth problems like paradontosis can be effectively treated with rose water. It can also provide relief in case of gum inflammation. When used regularly, rose water can provide relief against gum pain and also strengthens the teeth. By dropping some drops of rose water on the decayed tooth you can relief the toothache. In addition, rose water is very effective in eliminating bad odor from the mouth.

Rose Water for Drinking Rose Drops is famous with all the advantages such as freshening of your breath, balance in the energy levels.

It makes water tastier for those who don’t like regular water, which is important for hydration.


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