Orange Flower Water
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Orange Flower Water

Orange Flower Water


Orange flower water has traditionally been used as aromatizer in many traditional dessert dishes. For example, orange flower water is used to flavor madeleines. Orange flower water is also used as an ingredient in some cocktails. Orange blossom water is widely used as medicine for stomach ache and given to small children as well as adults.

Orange flower water has been a traditional ingredient. Orange blossom water is often mixed with the sweet syrup for flavor. Orange blossoms are believed to be used in this manner because they are seen as the traditional bridal flower and, therefore, symbolize purity (white, small and delicate).

Properties and benefits of orange flower and orange flower water are:

- Orange flower has a significant impact on the nervous system and thus it causes relaxation and relief from anxiety.

- Orange flower is effective on the treatment of sleeplessness and panic attacks.

 - If you feel sadness or depressed and you need a little happiness, add orange flower water to your juice. Orange flower has cheerful nature.

- Orange flower water is a strong appetizer.

- Orange flower is useful in the treatment of enlarged spleen and drinking it with celery helps repel kidney and bladder stones.

-  Increasing heart rate and blood pressure is another impact of orange flower.

- Orange flower water makes the pores in your skin closed and its fumigation makes the skin fresh.

- The nature of orange flower is warm and nourishing body and soul.

 - Orange flower contains vitamins C, B and D. 

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