Galbanum Essential oil

Galbanum Essential oil
  • Organic Galbanum Essential Oil

    Scientific Name: Ferula  gummosa
    Arabic Name: قنه
    German Name: Galbano
    French Name: Galbanum

    Active Ingredients:

    • α-Pinene
    • β-Pinene
    • Sabinene
    • Delta-3-Caren
    This plant is perennial and has thick stems whose height is from 1 to 2 meters. Its flowers are yellow and complex and in the form of many panicles. Its leaves are green tending to gray. They are put in the base of stem and their height is 30 centimeters.
    Galbanum gum is gained through scratching the base of its stem which is placed in soil. There are two kinds of galbanum gums: For extracting galbanum gum, the soil around the stem base of the plant is removed and the base is cleaned, then, split the area whose distance to collaris 3 centimeters. Another alternative is to cut the stem of the plant. A sap exits in the place of split and it solidifies after some days. The sap is collected and then another split is created.
    The color of tear-like galbanum is white tending to yellow or yellow tending to green or yellow tending to red. Oval-like galbanum contains impurities like leaf and stem parts and petiole.    Its color is green or green tending to brown or green tending to yellow.
    The odor of galbanum essential oil is strong, bitter and unpleasant. It can create     easily through mixing with water. It is worthwhile to mention that the essential oil extracted from galbanum is 9.5%.

    Industrial Uses

    • Health and beauty industries like attar and perfume manufacturing
    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Flavorant in food industries and meat products
    • Adhesive industry

    Therapeutic Properties

    1. Analgesic
    2. Antispasmodic
    3. diuretic and menstrual
    4. Healing abscesses, boils and ulcers

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