Essential Oils
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Essential Oils

Essential oils have important roles in the production of health and beauty products because it gives a nice fragrance to them and persuade consumers to buy them. Above all, essential oils remove the unpleasant smell of basic ingredients of creams and increase their attraction. The impact on the nervous system and creating a sense of calmness is another useful effect of using essential oils in health and beauty products.

Essential oils have important roles in producing health and beauty products and give pleasant fragrance to them and persuaded people to buy these products. Essential oils are not only for production of attars and perfumes, but they are also built for producing nice smell. Another role of essential oils and attar is removing unpleasant smells. Some health and beauty raw materials have unpleasant smell, so if they aren’t mixed with essential oils, the consumer don’t buy them. The smell of cosmetic products like its packing is one of the encouraging factor for buying and using that product and is important for the consumer’s evaluation. Smells have impacts on the involuntary nervous system in addition to creating the sense of calmness. It has also an important role in immune system and maintaining skin homeostasis.                    

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