Poppy Seed Oil

Poppy Seed Oil
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    Poppy Seed Oil

Name: Poppy seed oil

Scientific Name:Papaver  Somniferum

German Name: Opium  mohn

French Name: Pavot somnifere

Active Ingredients:

  • Palmitic Acid8-12
  • Stearic Acid2-5
  • Oleic Acid12-22
  • Linoleic Acid62-75
  • Linolenic Acid1-3

This plant is herbaceous whose height is one to two meters with an erect and glabrous stem. Intermittent leaves whose color is dusty green. Its flowers are large and its fruit are Indehiscent capsule. For providing poppy oil, its seeds are used.

Industrial Use

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Health and beauty industries
  • Massage therapy
  • Color industries

Therapeutic Properties

  • Soothing and somniferous
  • Alleviating migraine and ear pains
  • Alleviating bony and joint pains


مدیرسایت 1396/07/25
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