• The History of the Company

    Tabib Daru Company has been founded in 2004 A.D, by Ali Reza Mazaheri. He is an expert in the production and exploitation of pharmaceutical and fragrant herbs. His purpose has been the production of essential oils, rose water and other herbal distillates, extracts, gums, dried pharmaceutical plants and other products of pharmaceutical and fragrant herbs and He sells his products in internal and external markets.

    Considering the purpose of producing raw material used in herbal medicine, cosmetics, health and food industry, Tabib Daru Industry Company has been developing its activities in a wide range. 

    Tabib Daru Company has many sections; one important section is Quality Control Unit. In Tabib Daru Company, QC-related activities are performed in different steps of the production and release process of products by some proficient experts. The responsibility of this unit is careful observation on the purchase of raw materials, the product production, final product achievement and storing condition of them in the storage. In order to deliver high-qualified raw materials endowed with active ingredients to herbal medicine, cosmetics, health and food companies, expert personnel and modern instruments like GC/MS in the laboratory of Tabib Daru Co. are employed.

    Other sections are Production, Agriculture, Research and Development, Quality Control (Laboratory), Health and Safety Environment, Procurement, Sales, Foreign Commerce, Planning, Storage, Site, Information Technology (IT), Maintenance, Finance and Accounting and Humanity.

    Generally, “Customer’s Satisfaction”, “Quality” and “Honesty” are three important and underlying principles for doing all of the activities in Tabib Daru Company, so based on these principles and the policy of the company, export experts firstly send certificates of analyses of the products to the customers, if they are OK, then the experts send the prices and free samples for the customers then if they are OK too, the customers’ orders will be sent for them exactly based the confirmed sample.


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